SSSCCRRL race report from 17/05/18

Overdue SSSCCRRL race report from 17/05/18: Paramount was well represented with me, Annie, Neil, John, Olly and Emma. I was in group 2 (because there are only 4 groups now) with Neil and Annie, Emma and John were in group 1 and Olly was in scratch. We worked hard in group 2, we caught group one up the drag on the old A5, I was driving hard on the front to make it harder for group one to jump on as we came passed. There were about 5/6 of us working hard on the front to keep the pace high, Annie even made a few appearances on the front...I know! A small group of 4 riders attacked scratch and bridged across to us, riding straight to the front of our group. Scratch didn't catch us, the 4 who came across hovered up the first places, I rolled over for 5th after going through a couple of potholes in the last 50m and almost stacking it (I still don't know how I got a chain ring print on my elbow?! anyone have any idea how?). Annie and neil rolled over in the bunch and Olly with scratch.


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