MSW sundorne 4th Cat Crit 29/4/18

Race report: MSW sundorne 4th Cat Crit 29/4/18

Paramount was represented by myself, Jonathan and Jack McGarry. Pace was high from the start to the finish, ending faster than the Thursday night 3/4 Crit avg of 24.8 mph for just over 49 mins.

With a head wind on the finishing straight and on the straight towards the hair pin, no attacks stuck even though lots were attempted. A crash early on involving two riders meant the rest of the race was very 'vocal' to be polite.

In the last lap, I was third wheel into the hair pin. Came out the other side, the two guys infant of me sat up, I looked behind briefly then when I looked back they had kicked, with the head wind I was never going to get back across and I just managed to hold of the rest of the sprinting bunch. 3rd place in the end, rather frustrated with myself but that ties up my 3rd cat status so onto the Paramount Phil ward memorial next weekend.

I don't know what happened to Jon, I saw him on the side, it appeared like he had suffered a mechanical?

Jack I saw hanging in the danger zone at the back of the bunch, I believe he lost the wheel into the head wind out of a corner and theres not much coming back from that. although valiant effort from the birthday boy who didn't stop riding and didn't stop pushing himself.

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