Marsh tracks 04/04/18

A nice sunny day meant a dry circuit for my first race of the season. It was an attacking race from the start with several people, including myself, trying to form breaks on the flowing circuit. A few were started by Ronnie Tse in a great show of eagerness to make an impression on the race and he did himself proud. Any break that got some distance was brought back in a controlled manner, it wasn't a very staccato race.

With 25 mins gone I launched on a solo break and managed to pull out a gap that was increasing slowly and hung out front for 10ish minutes, my legs started to bite from the club run yesterday and I realised to stay away I would've had to go all out and end any chance of placing in the sprint if I got caught, so I sat up and the gap started to closed.

But then the race got cut short and the 5 laps to go board was held up, this was too inviting and I accelerated again to increase the gap I still had. unfortunately the bunch had the same idea and with the gap starting to come down again, I sat up. I hung around the top 15 with things getting a little edgy in the last few laps, had to muscle in with my shoulders a few times to stop myself being brought down. Up to 4th wheel for the last lap.

Coming up to the second to last corner, a guy launched a long range attack, I went to follow but as I started to come passed the 2 guys in front of me, one pulled out pushing me into the verge, I managed to stay up right and start chasing down the guy on the attack but he pulled out a gap I couldn't close in the final 100m so sprinted in for 2nd.

Chapeau to Jack McGarry for surviving his first ever race, he had a big grin on his face at the end, so I think he enjoyed it.

Also big Kudos to Ronnie Tse for what we think is his first top 10! kids going places I tell you!

All in all a fun race, nice and safe, excusing the little bit here and there, a good show from the paramount boys (even though a few were in mids kit!).

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