Envile LVRC Road Race

RACE REPORT! Travelled down just south of bridgnorth for the Envile LVRC Road Race (the wife came as well) 55miles quite a hilly course. Field of 40 riders in the A & B category. 40-49! Race started full gas as usual so I made sure I was in the first 3rd before we got to the main climb on the circuit. Felt fairly comfortable for the first 2 laps then it really kicked of up the climb on 3rd lap. Found myself too near the back as people.were getting dropped but managed to hang on to the bunch which as per usual Sat up over the top of the climb. Obviously all feeling the pace like me. It ramped up a bit towards the start of the last lap. I got myself in the front dozen up the climb and managed to stay there. On the fast downhill 4 riders got a gap and for a second I thought about bridging across but decided to play it safe.(They didn't get caught) then some cat and mouse ensued as nobody wanted to push on and try to catch them. Found myself on the front several times but managed to get back out the wind for the final. There was a 3km climb to the finish. The bunch was going full gas by the 1km sign but i managed to barge my way towards the pointy end. I sprinted with what enegy I had left for 10th in the bunch....which was 14th overall as there was 4 riders up the road. This ended up 7th in class out of 22 riders so reasonably happy! Overall a great race...slight annoyed I didn't try to join the 4 riders who slipped away..but maybe next time..! Shame there's no-one else from the club to join me

oh well i had a great time.

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